Kanav Behal

The drivers of the school are amazing! They were calm and built my confidence in driving. They do not follow a fixed pattern rather teach on the way you already know! I will definitely recommend to everyone in GTA and around.

Atam Parkash Singh

Amazing professional instructor, I will recommend Multi-dimensional driving school not only to smoothly pass the test but also to gain full confidence while driving.Passed my G in first go ,within 20 days of landing in Canada.

Jannat Sharma

My instructor IRAM was very patient with me and gave the confidence to pass the test; as I was a very nervous novice driver. Having a good instructor is really important and I learnt it after switching through multiple incompetent ones. Thank you Iram :)

Aarohi Nagdive

What an amazing driving experience with Nadeem Sir. He is one of the best instructor I have come across so far. With his constant guidance and scrutinizing skills of even smallest mistake makes you flawless for the test. Thanks again for your wonderful guidance n for being patient throughout.

Hardeep Kaur

Hey guys! My driving instructor was Nadeem ji he's a phenomenal and amazing teacher. He taught me all the skills and tips I need to perfect my driving. He teaches in a way that is very comforting and easy to get my G1 and G license. he's very kind, patient, and professional. Most of all he is very punctual, never late! he will take her time to teach all the things you need to know and help you with your weaknesses, he is very encouraging and ensures that you are comfortable. he is very down to earth and I enjoyed having conversations with him. he is the best driving instructor ever! make sure you get him as your instructor, you will not regret it. Thanks

Himanshu Boora

Strongly recommend this driving school. Most affordable prizes. Such a nice behavior of instructor. If someone looking for classes, surely give them a chance. I cleared first time with them in 1 class. Thank you sir. Strongly recommended Good behavior Excellent skills.


I was very fortunate to get in touch with Mr.Nadeem for my G test. Just one phone call and couple of SMS, he evaluated my driving for an hour and knew exactly what was needed for me to get through the test. His teaching is not just for the test purpose but will come a long way in our driving span. I have already recommended to my friends and will continue to do so. Perfect school for people getting behind the wheels first time in Canada. Thank you Sir

Aman Singh

Multi-Dimensions Driving School is the best. Nadeem is an excellent instructor and made sure that I was comfortable driving on the roads in preparation for my G road test. I would highly recommend Nadeem as a driving instructor. Each driving lesson was a great experience and He was very cooperative, understanding and the number one instructor. Due to his confidence on me and his wonderful teaching I was able to pass my G test at first attempt. I must say "if Nadeem says you can do it then you will do it".

Syed Imran Arif

Nadeem is an excellently professional, honest, selfless, devoted and caring instructor. He has an extraordinary instructional ability to groom your driving skills. I would recommend all to get his services for learning driving skills.

Tasneem Rasulbhai

Good teaching method. Highly recommended to take driving lessons, has a lot of patience and taught me the skills to become a safe driver.

Aditi Rathod

Nadeem is approachable and patient. Both these qualities are extremely important in a driving instructor. I passed my G2 after taking lessons from Nadeem and I highly recommend his services.

Nishant Nagar

Very thoughtful and specific program that catered to my needs for physical fitness. Anna understood my fitness goals and the constraints I had due to previous injuries and created a customized program for me. Highly recommended !

Wania Anis

I took two G lessons from Erum and she was great. She showed up on time and gave me helpful tips which helped me pass my road test. She explained everything very well and in detail. She also made sure to wear her mask and sanitize which made me feel comfortable.

Harpreet Kaur

I recently got my G license in my first attempt. It all happened because of Multi dimensions driving school instructor Mr Nadeem. Thank you so much for your help and endless support in getting my licence Nadeem Sir. With your guidance and patience you taught me the skills to become a safe driver. Thank you for giving me the confidence to drive. I highly recommend this school to all of you.

Solomon Wheeler

Nadeem is very professional and thorough, doesn't waste time but makes sure that you get the results with the least number of classes . He is your go to guy if you are you don't want to waste time and money.

Sara Husain

Nadeem is a professional individual and gives confidence to students and prepares them with all the necessary strategies to drive for life. He focusses on finer details and helps gives the best 45 minutes lessons. I highly recommend him as one of the best driving instructors.

Aditi Mehta

I passed my G2 today!. Nadeem is really good instructer. He doesn't teach only how to drive but also teach you rules. Calm, professional, knowledgeable! I will recommend to everyone. I will go to him for my G for sure.


Highly reccomend, Iram was my instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with me with her help I was able to get my G2! Thanks again.

Mehreen Rizwan

I had an amazing experience with them. I was not sure if I should take the G directly or clear G2 first and then attempt G. Mr. Nadeem was very clear from the get go and had given me the clear direction on what needs to be done. He analyzed how quickly i was picking up instructions and how confident i was once on the road. He was very encouraging and let me practice till i was satisfied with my prep for the tests. He also helped me book my both tests. Apart from that, i had insightful discussions with him on insurance and pros and cons of getting cars on lease/finance. It had been a smooth sailing for me. I highly recommend them.

Furquan Azam Khan

Dealt with couple of bad instructors before came across Nadim. Best service you could get and he really knows his stuff. Passed my G2 at first attempt.


One of the Best Instructors and Driving school in the city. The Instructor Iram mam, was very knowledgeable, calm and knows the perfect way of teaching and getting her students pass the exam. I cleared my G exam in first attempt because of the driving lessons. Thank you Iram mam and Driving school for the all the assistance. Highly recommended !!!

Swati Bhargava

Nadeem sir is the best trainer I have met and I feel lucky. he helped in getting my G license directly after G1.He is very honest and professional.

Rosie Jimenez

Iram and Nadin are amazing driving instructors! I've been driving for several years now and they both have taught me various things that I *never* in my live have ever known. They helped me get ready for my driving test and pass with flying colours! Thank you so much!

Puneet Sohi

Multi-dimensions driving school is the best. Thanks to them, I was able to clear my test and can drive great now. Nadeem and Iram managed to teach me in a real short span of time. I appreciate their understanding attitude towards their students.

Waseef Ur Rehman Warraich

I must say excellent services and brother nadeem the best man in town for driving learning in all aspects especially skillwise, morally , professionally , friendly n most of all honestly! I got my direct G because of this man! Thank you brother.

Mujtaba Khan

Mr Nadeem and Mrs Nadeem are truly professional instructors both technically and on personal level, very confident people which bring confidence, professionalism and techniques to the learners. We highly recommend them for people of all ages to get Canadian driving licenses of all the categories.

Nehal Shah

Best instructors. Nadeem Sir teaches with patience and is very professional. New drivers should definitely enrol here.

Chico Moss

Best driving instructor. They are every Professional and they take their time to teach you the right Steps for you to pass. As a student if you pay attention and you do what you're told you will pass. Thank you.

Zainab Adeel

Awesome instructor and amazing services!! Cleared my G2 in one attempt. Highly recommended.

Farah Parveez

Mr. Nadeem is a very good instructor who explained all the rules and helped me acquire all the road safety habits in my driving. He is very motivating which helps you gain the necessary confidence to clear the road test.

Aysha Irfan

Great school & instructors, helped me pass on my first try.

Ikram Patel

As Newcomers to Canada, it was imperative to get a driving licence for both myself and my wife. After doing our research and speaking to many driving schools, we finalised on Multi-dimension driving school. Mr. Nadeem was thoroughly professional as well as very supportive throughout our journey. He was proactive in guiding us on all the aspects which are required to be known in order to secure a driving license. My advice would be to stop searching elsewhere and take the leap of faith, with Mr. Nadeem guiding you accurately. You'll experience the difference in your first meeting with him itself.

Sunny Gandhi

I passed my G test on the first try. Nadeem helped me to pass my G test. He is kind and focuses on key concepts of safety measures. He is a great instructor. Thanks, Nadeem.

Syed Ansaf Javed

Mr. Nadeem is an experienced and excellent trainer. I would highly recommend him.

Hannan B

Nadeem helped me to get a G license Nadeem shared critical information for the center where drive test- like instructors at the center, test route, common mistakes, etc. This information helped me to clear the exam. Definitely recommend him to clear your driving exams.

Prajit Dasani

Cleared Direct G with the help of Mr.Nadeem. Great service!

Taha Motiwala

Ms.Iram was very kind, helpful, and informative and helped me pass my G2 road test.

Emam Imam

I really like how precise they are on booking a date for a road test and giving the lesson, before them I failed 3 times for my G test, but once I met them they gave me one lesson and I passed my G road test. I highly recommend them for lessons and booking your test as well.

Kshitij Goswami

Very nice way of teaching and precise guidance !!! Amazing experience...

Kamakshi Bagga

He's the best instructor in town. Really patient and reasonable rates too. After inquiring about a lot of biggies driving schools, I found him and it was worth it.

Ayesha Ashfaq

I had an amazing experience with them, I got my G2 on the first attempt, they are very professional and gave me confidence and encouragement throughout my lessons, I will highly recommend them.

Asma Arif

Mr. Nadeem is a very professional and experienced instructor. I got My G2 and G on my first try. I strongly recommend him.

Iman Andrea

I’ve had two other driving instructors before I was referred to Nadeem at MD Driving School. I was frustrated with the style of teaching at the other school because they didn’t take the time to explain things or help you understand how to improve in a way that was helpful. Nadeem was a great teacher with a good attitude and really took the time to explain the concepts to me. That was invaluable. He was professional and gave me confidence in my abilities which helped me pass my G2 on the first try. I’d recommend him and his school to anyone.

Ranjana N

Iram is one of the best instructors, very polite, friendly, helpful, and a great human being. She is the best instructor one can hope for.

Akshita Narad

The instructors are very patient, understanding, and invested in student growth. I recommend every 1 looking to learn driving to contact them.

Tariq Malik

An excellent experience. Very friendly instructors. Brilliant teaching methodology. Got my G through their driving classes where they clearly teach all the rules that need to be followed. Highly recommend it.

Swati Ghai

It was a great experience to learn driving from Mr. Nadeem, he is highly knowledgeable and has great observation, he explains all the rules with details and reasons, which makes learning easy and smooth and makes you a confident driver, I am glad my sister recommended him to me. A big thanks to him for being patient and polite while helping me learn... I highly recommend him👍👍👍

Raman Bajwa

One of the best schools available here and most important is that they guide you in a way that you forgot about a word named ( failure).

Raman Grewal

Nadeem Ji is an amazing instructor who made sure that I get my license. He gives so much information regarding the rules and yields sign info. I highly recommend him.

Saifullah Khan

Mr. Nadeem is an amazing individual, instructor, teacher. He ensures the student understand clearly and feels comfortable. He is very professional and makes sure you feel an improvement within every class. He made himself very clear throughout and explains everything in detail. Thank you once again and highly recommended.

Aftab Bakerywala

I took G lessons from Nadeem and he is very reliable. He showed up on time and gave me helpful tips which helped me pass my road test. He is very professional and thorough, doesn’t waste time but makes sure that you get the results with the least number of classes. He explained everything very well and in detail. He also made sure to wear her mask and sanitize which made me feel comfortable. He is your go-to guy if you are you don’t want to waste time and money.

Abhijeet Garge

This is the best driving school you'll ever get. I had Nadeem as my instructor. He is THE BEST Instructor. He is very calm, patient, responsive, punctual, and has a joyful attitude (very important). He is very clear in his instructions and does not confuse you while driving. He teaches extremely well, not just for clearing the road test but also to be able to drive confidently. I took his lessons for Full G (direct from G1) and cleared in first attempt.


Thanks to Mr. Nadeem for his guidance, I’m able to clear my G test only after two classes. He is extremely professional and clear with his instructions. He has trained me for specific points which examiner is looking for and I appreciate his relaxed approach towards teaching and he never becomes that scary teacher voice in my head. He was more of a supportive teacher to give me the confidence to do well in the G-test. Highly recommended!

Vrinda Chouksey

Nadeem is the best Driving Instructor I have ever met and trust me I have had many classes from a few. He not only trained on driving techniques but also did motivated me and helped overcome the driving anxiety. Very professional, very punctual with a reasonable fee. I highly recommend Multi Dimension Driving School. Already referred them to my family and friends. Keep up the good job!!

Neeraj Yadav

My G road test was scheduled for Monday this week. I contacted Talha from Messenger and we scheduled a G class session for Saturday last week. He looked at my driving, corrected my mistakes, and provided the tips to clear the G road test. His advice was practical and he also told me all the reasons why people fail the test. I remembered all his advice and cleared the road test in the first attempt without a single mistake. His advice was better than my G2 instructor. Choose Talha without any doubt.

Aakash Mehta

Thanks to Nadeem Sir, got a G license Wonderful instructor, highly recommended Won’t say much, but try it and you’ll remember him for all the tips and lessons he gave which would not only be useful in tests but also on day to day basis

Param Bajwa

I highly recommend, he is a really very good instructor. So freindly, Although it was my first time driving car and I took just 5 classes and passed my G2 driving test easily.

Nadira Jayyy

Very helpful and honest. Made it easy for me to learn. Definitely would do it again.

Yara Al Dahleh

The instructor I had was very nice, patient, and professional. I only had 3 lessons with Iram to make sure I knew all of the rules before my G2 test, as I already knew how to drive, and she was very professional and patient with me because I was a very nervous driver. Even though I constantly made the same mistakes, she was not annoyed with me and helped me realize my mistake no matter how many times I did them. I passed my G2 on my first try! Thank you so much, Iram for helping me.

Yousuf Adil

Alhamdulillah, I got my G today in the first attempt by the Grace of Allah, and after Him, the only reason behind that is my nice instructor Erum. I could never be able to pass it because of my lack of confidence in driving on hwy but she didn't only guide me about how to drive safely but also lifted up my confidence to that level that I was not at all in stress on the test day. She is so nice, friendly, humble, and soft-spoken that you will love her way of teaching I bet it!!! The best instructor in town....thanks so much Erum for stuffing me up with all the encouragement, boost, and confidence!!! I highly recommended.

Kishore Kumar

Nadeem was my instructor and he is such a great Instructor I have seen. He has evaluated my driving skills in just one class and taught me what is needed. He is an excellent teacher, evaluator, and the best Instructor. He also taught me some general guidelines to follow while driving which makes great sense. I strongly recommend it if you are interested in getting a license to drive here.

Zubia T

Mr. Nadeem, is a great instructor he really helped me learn how to drive. He is very patient and calm, when you make a mistake he corrects you nicely and he always motivates you. Got my g2 yesterday on the first try thanks to him! I recommend this for anyone wanting to get their g2 or G.

Sakhi Ullah Fazal

Best instructor, Sir Nadeem, Know how to teach and what to teach, I strongly recommend him

Bharti Sohpaul

My instructor was Nadeem Ji. I cleared my G drive road test because of him. He is so motivating and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him. He is calm, patient, and professional. Always on time and he got all the tricks for your test.

Harmanjit Kaur

I am very happy to get my G2 on the first attempt. I learn the rules and regulations, car safety, road safety, very advanced driving skill, I was a very beginner driver but the way Mr. Nadeem taught me it is an amazing job that's why I got my G2 on the first attempt. Thanks to Mr. Nadeem and Multi- dimensions driving school. I really recommend Mr. Nadeem to everyone.

Raj Sajja

Nadeem is a great person and friendly. More over he builds so much confidence for the road test. Thank you, Nadeem for all your guidance

Simran Kaur

I took my G2 lessons from Nadeem. He is a great instructor. He is detail oriented and thorough in his lessons. He ensures to clarify the logic behind every rule. He helped me gain confidence and overcome anxiety and fear of driving. He is a patient instructor and helps in achieving success.

Amulya Sharma

Worked with instructor Nadeem for my G2. He provided me with great instruction, tips, and feeback, with which I passed my test. Great experienece overall.

Keerthan Bonagiri

It was a great experience by learning driving from Mr. Nadeem. He teaches very patiently and with good driving tips that helped me to crack G2. I suggest you to take classes from him. Thank you.

Akanksha Sablawat

Finally a G2 license holder! All I gotta say is Mr.Nadeem will not just give you lessons but he will constantly motivate you and boost your confidence to a level where you will actually come back home with a G2 or G license!! He is calm and one will enjoy taking lessons from him.

Samreen Patel

As a new comer to Canada, one of my biggest priorities was to get a driving licence. The next question was whom to approach and trust? I was referred to Mr. Nadeem at Multi dimension driving school, by a friend and i am glad that she did. I had not driven any car for more than a decade, and learning to drive in a new country with new rules was a major mental block. But the way Mr Nadeem mentored and trained me, especially the real world driving tips helped me pass my driving test with confidence and ease. I definitely recommend this driving school and Mr. Nadeem to all those who are seeking a reliable and expert trainer. The car on which I learnt was super clean, hygienic and state of art in terms of technology. All these small stuff matter a lot as it adds to the entire learning experience.

Harmeet Singh

Nadeem got the experience and he knows how to give solution for driving errors and to mould our driving habits according to the need for the Canadian driving and the test.


Mr. Nadeem sir is very understanding and teaches you the techniques to drive safely as well as efficiently on Canadian roads. I was able to get Direct G test dates quickly and passed my G test on my first attempt. His support and confidence helped boost my inside confidence.

Indian Series

Such a best driving school and instructors I passed my g2 in the first attempt I recommend this driving school for your driving tests...

Harmeetkaur Rakkad

Taking a lesson and going for a test with Mr.Nadeem was stress free and so comfortable. His guild-lines are priceless.

Ata Mutahar

I really recommend this school, I pass my test from the first time I have been with them. Thank you Talaht.

Samundiswaran P Velpandian

Nadeem is a good driving instructor, has a great work ethic (Focus on the students not on the phone). Explain each and everything about driving in detail. Make the learner much more comfortable. Helped us clear the test in the very first attempt.

Ciara Barundia

Took my G2 test today for the first time and passed. Nadeem is a really great instructor and a very good motivator. He is clear in his instructions, patient, and will boost your confidence. It was a fantastic experience, and I would highly recommend this driving school.


Absolutely awesome experience! I got my g2 after trying for a whole year and a half, Nadeem is a very thorough teacher and does his best to make you feel comfortable behind the wheel

Deepak Sharma

They teach you a very good driving skills I enjoyed my driving classes with them.

Mili Sharma

My instructor, Iram, was very very helpful in preparing me for my G2. I loved the lessons and would recommend to anyone preparing for the driving test.

Mehreen Zehra Naqvi

Amazing experience for me and my father as well. Timely tests given through Nadeem. Best instructor! Would 110% recommend.

Asma Rizwan

Great experience!! Iram is one of the best driving instructor, with lots of experience and knowledge.She helped me to improve my driving skills and prepared me to pass G license.She is incredibly respectful and caring. She gives you clear instructions and tips , easy to follow which will help you to be a safe driver. She also encourages and boost your confidence. I really appreciate her efforts and support. I would Highly recommend Iram as an instructor.

Gurnoor Singh

Nice experience cleared my G2 in first attempt with just 2 lessons Mr. Nadeem sir is very well experienced and good natured.

Hassan Abidi

Finally Passed G2 last week after couple of unsuccessful attempts in the past . Finding out about multi dimension driving school was a blessing and big help. Nadeem uncle was an amazing instructor who gives a huge confidence boost and helps you belief in your driving and that you will pass the test with the skills Nadeem uncle helps you sharpen . Would highly recommend the school and Nadeem uncle as he is a great person to be around thanks a lot !!

Tarun Sehgal

It has been tremendous experience with multi dimensions driving school. I was guided and trained by instructor on every aspect to deep level which lead me to clear my G2 on first attempt. Special thanks to my instructor Nadeem. I would highly recommend to seek training from this school to clear your respective exams at first attempt.

Vidushi Singh

Got my G2 license in one attempt.....YAY !! All thanks to my Instructor Mr. Nadeem for giving a short and straight approach to achieve the license which is to focus and stay calm and to listen to each and every thing he teaches while driving . The way he carves his student is overwhelmingly impressive. I would definitely like to refer him.

Kayla Sears

I had a great experience with my driving instructor, Ansaf. He was very polite, understanding, helpful and knowledgeable! I’m so happy I passed my g2 test with only about 6/7 lessons. I highly recommend! Thanks again Ansaf

Ashok A

Nadheem is a great instructor. He explained the rules in very detailed and ensures to clarify the logic behind every rule. He helped me gain confidence and He is a patient instructor and helps in achieving success. Thank you so much for your great lessons and supports!!!

Pj Corpuz

Thanks to Iram I got my G2 in first attempt. She is great at what she does and was very understanding and patient in teaching me. Would definitely recommend her!

Aswin Sampath

Got my G on my first attempt. All thanks to Mr.Nadeem. He is an excellent instructor, spends loads of time explaining the rules in detail and makes you super comfortable before the actual road test.

Harwinder Hk

I got my G2 in first attempt . I am very pleased with the services offered by the school. Nadeem sir encouraged and motivated me throughout the process.I recommend everyone to go and take the lessons.

Karthick Manokaran

Nadeem is an extremely professional instructor who can really help out inexperienced drivers in a precise methodical way in-order to clear drive tests . I witness it directly and would definitely recommend anyone to get trained by Nadeem to effectively understand Canadian traffic rules which is even more important rather than just clearing test . He is a classy man and an excellent tutor . I'll guarantee that you will end up with a happy face at the drive test center . All the best folks.

Zainab Kamara

I did it! I passed my G-test at first attempt. I am officially a G-Class license holder. Nadeem you deserve a BIG THANK YOU!. THANK YOU SIR!!!! Multi-Dimensions Driving School and Nadeem has been God sent. God truly connected me to this school and Nadeem. He is an amazing and kind hearted person/instructor. He really cares for his students and their success. Before meeting Nadeem, my confidence in driving was very low, but he was able to build up confidence in myself and my driving. He believed in me, gave me great guidance in a professional and caring manner. So, if you are looking for a great driving school, LOOK NO FURTHER. I highly recommend Multi-Dimensions Driving School. You will not regret your decision.

Pradeep Sattikar

I had a great experience with Nadeem Sir ! He just took couple of lessons and I got my G2 cleared in first attempt. Most important thing with Nadeem Sir is he gives self confidence to students. It’s really helpful in clearing driving test . I would highly recommend Nadeem sir as a car instructor. Thank you Nadeem sir for all your help and guidance.

Hari Prasath

If you are new to Canada and looking for a driving licence then Nadeem is a person to contact. Even if you don't have much driving experience he will guide and support well. You will definitely get your licence. Thanks Nadeem ... 👍

F Raf

Intended to take G2 test. Nadeem sb gave 2 classes and said i’m G ready and not even G2. Nadeem sb booked the test within 3 days and on the day he gave me the ride on the actual test venue and i passed on first attempt. Nadeem sb won’t keep you hanging you along just for the sake of extra classes. He takes pride in the success of his students unlike other instructors who ask for more classes to make more bucks.

Safiya H

Amazing Experience! Nadeem was a great instructor who calmed my nerves, took the time to explain everything and made sure I corrected all my mistakes! Best instructor! Passed with flying colours and so grateful! Thank you so much!

Ruhan Garg

Mr. Nadeem is the best instructor you can expect. He will constantly boost your confidence and teach you how to make your drive smoother in no time.

Sana Atif

I usually don't write reviews but my interaction with Multi-Dimensions Driving School is worth a share. As a new driver in canada who has been introduced to left hand drive for the very first time, getting G2 licence in first attempt is a big deal. All my gratitude and praises go to my instructor Ansaf for training me. He was extremely patient, polite, punctual and knowledgeable, gave me pointers and tricks to tackle the road test. I was ready for my road test in just 4 classes. I highly recommend Ansaf to all those who are struggling with left hand drive, parallel parking and reverse parking or those who are unable to crack the drive test after many failed attempts. He truly is a gem of a person. Thanks a lot Ansaf and Multi-Dimensions Driving School.

Shannen Jillian

I highly recommend learning from Mr. Ansaf Syed Javid, He provided me with the best tips and insights for passing the exam as well as selecting the right centre for me. More so training with him has been the easiest experience, learning about the road rules and signs was quick to grasp and follow. Most importantly I find it easy to train with people who make you confidence about your skills and that’s how I passed my G2 test yesterday. Thank you so much Ansaf

Oluwaseun Esther Onipede

My Learning experience with Ansaf was awesome. He helped build my driving confidence and I passed! Thank you Ansaf, You’re the best! I highly recommend him and trust me…you won’t regret taking lessons from him.

Shree Baral

Ansaf helped me get my G2 in one shot. I had zero experience. I followed his instructions and passed the test with ease . I highly recommend Ansaf.

Abhishek Verma

One of the best driving school in the town. Trainer Mr Nadeem is best in what he teaches. I recommend all to take classes from this school if you want to pass your drive test in first attempt. Thanks

Samira Naik

I would highly recommend Instructor Ansaf and Multi-Dimensions Driving School. He has helped me to successfully get my G licence. He is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable driving instructor. He is very professional, encourages his students to drive safely and confidently. He knows how to demonstrate all the rules and safety precaution when doing your driving lessons. He was extremely patient and really took the time to teach me. I truly appreciate him and his teaching. Thank you so much for your help and support Ansaf.

Ketki Pradhan

Ansaf Syed is a excellent trainer and a nice person who respects time and has immense patience. He ensured a smooth transition for me to un-learn the practice of driving on left side of the road. His guidance helped me adapt quickly to the traffic rules in Canada. His driving tips are helpful not just for clearing the driving tests in first attempt but for day-to-day driving as well. I had a great experience learning from Ansaf and would highly recommend him. Thank you Ansaf!!!😊

Shanla Cayabas

Ansaf is my greatest g instructor. He is very responsive, and knowledgeable for all my queries. He is calm and very professional in a way of teaching. Thanks I passed for his help. Highly recommend him.

Filza Maryam

Mr. Ansaf is a very professional instructor who helps out inexperienced drivers patiently. He is the most knowledgeable instructor ive come across. Got my G2 license. So thankful to him 😊

Zen Patel-Menard

I went from not being able to drive at all to passing my test so much quicker than I expected thanks to wonderful instruction! Thank you.

Charles Xavier

Cleared direct G in first attempt with the help of Nadeem. I took classes with few instructors and Nadeem taught me several rules that were not covered from my previous classes. I just took 2 classes and cleared my G in 2 days, as I also had 10 years of driving experience from my home country. Highly recommended !!

Saunav Kaushik

The instructor was kind and supportive. Helped me clear the test in the first attempt. Would definitely recommend.

Afrah Razzaq

I got my G-2 License today, had an amazing experience with Respected Instructor Iram… she gave me Sincere suggestions, guided me throughout the lessons and most importantly she doesn’t waste time on extra lessons at all. (I highly recommend:)

Justin Veenstra

Personally enjoyed my driving lessons, instructor was very professional and helped me get the confidence for my g2 test and pass highly recommend this school

Bilal Hayat

He’s not only a professional instructor but a great mentor as well. He provided valuable driving tips and equipped me with confidence to pass my G2 exam at first go. Highly recommended.

Sunita Gautam

Thank you so much MS. Irem. You are the best driving instructor. You motivated and encouraged me to get my G2. You are amazing.

Diorella Zapanta

I just passed my G2 test thanks to Ansaf!! He really gave the best driving lessons. It was all clear, precise and covers all important points in driving. Thanks again Ansaf!! :))

Vinitha Tellis

I just did 1 class with Nadeem and he gave me so much information in that hour and boosted my confidence. I got my G2 license that day with all the information I received from Nadeem! Will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

Karan S

Nadeem sir is a fantastic instructor and a great mentor. I passed my G2 test with few classes only. Anyone reading my review can trust me that he teaches very well. Sir, You're a genuine gift from heaven! You have the entirety of the best characteristics of a decent educator. Without you, I wouldn’t have endured. Thank you so much!!!

Kalpana Palgudi

Nadeem is a great instructor with amazing skills, who observes our own driving style and guides us accordingly to rectify our mistakes if any. He gives us confidence while driving which encourages us to confidently face the driving test. I cleared my G after taking his sessions. He is an amazing instructor and experienced. I strongly recommended him.

Jodiann Baker

Absolutely wonderful instructor, his teachings are clear and easy to follow. 5 stars indeed🤩🤩🤩🤩

Ashwee D

I passed my G2 today and it’s all because of my trainer Tahir. I was looking out for a trainer in Milton and My friend recommended him. He is very professional. He made my maneuvers so perfect that the instructor who took my test complimented me and said “I am a very good driver”. All this is because of Tahir. He understands you and teaches you in a very meticulous way. Getting my G license sessions from him as well. I’m definitely recommending him to my friends. Thank you Tahir.

Burhan Hayat

Cleared my G2 test in first attempt. Thanks to Nadeem sab for his guidance. He gave some great tips and encouraged me which gave big confidence. 👍🏻

Fausto Correa

I passed my G2 road test; my instructor was Iram; she is a great, patient, and professional instructor. I highly recommend this school driver, they not only teach you to pass the test, but they also teach you how to drive.

Hira Shoaib

Passed my g2 on my second attempt thanks to Nadeem uncle he is a really good instructor and helped me feel more confident about driving

Sharmila Rajasekaran

A big thanks you to my instructor Tahir, he is very patient, understanding, professional and good motivator. Very friendly and good listener. He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver🙂

Anya Sujan

I passed my g2 with the help of Mr. Tahir who got my several lessons beforehand so I was well prepared. He was very kind, understanding and would assist in any areas that needed better practice. Thank you so much for this experience. I suggest anyone who is looking to get their g2 to please contact this driving school, the practice, the service and the instructors are all amazing and have great experience and will guarantee you a license, they do not give up on you at any point. Thank you!

Nehal Shah

Best instructors. I passed both G2 and G with Nadeem Sir's guidance. He explains everything in detail and with logic. Very easy to understand and follow. Highly recommend his sessions before attempting any drive tests.

Chirag Patil

Thank you to my instructor, Mrs. Iram, whose guidance and training helped me pass my G2 test on the first attempt. She instructed me well and within few classes and some practice back at home gave me enough confidence to perform well in the test.

Rehab Salim

My instructor Ansaf helped a beginner like me get the driving licence at the first go. He was very patient and professional. He will not just teach you to pass your driving test but how to be a good driver too. I know two more people who have taken classes from him and also passed in their first attempts.Highly recommended!!

Fuh Kelly

Had a good experience driving with Iram. She was a great teacher. And got my license time.

Rohan Pathak

Mr. Tahir is Great Instructor, good Nature also Provide good Support and Coaching for obtain Direct "G" Driving Liecence (Without G2) in 1st attempt. Covered all driving Concept very finely. "Paisa Vasool and Very Satisfied"

Karman Minhas

Really good, Tahir was my instructor, he was great! Helped me past my test today on my first attempt! Definitely would recommend!

Lovely Singh

It's was a wonderful experience with Nadeem uncle. Clearing my drive test was a breeze with Nadeem uncle. I highly recommend Multi-Dimensions driving school to all, especially who are new drivers who wants to clear their drive tests in first attempt. At last I just wanna say hat's off you guys.

Arooj Bilal

I had booked driving classes for my G- Road test. I had made a straight call to Mr Nadeem Ahmed . I must say my luck had worked well in time. Having had a few lessons with him and his motivation guaranteed me for the road test. I passed it in my FIRST ATTEMPT. Can't be happy and thankful enough. I am in love with his tag- line "Dont waste'. It was very comfortable having classes with him, any females in case looking for male instructor! Highly recommended based on their professional conduct and comfort zone they create with students!

Nikita Mehra

Nadeem sir was an excellent instructor and taught me everything needed to pass my G2 test. He was extremely patient and kind, and his explanations were very easy to grasp. Every lesson that I had with him increased my confidence to drive and ensured that I would pass. I highly recommend Multi Dimension Driving School to anyone who needs lessons.

Ummulbanin Saifee

Very happy with services , promises were delivered in timely manner. My daughter passed her G2 exams in one shot and thanks to the best instructor Iram. I would highly recommend.

Emaan Rabbani

Amazing experience! Instructor is very kind and encouraging. I passed my G2 in the first attempt due to their teaching skills and methods of instilling confidence. Thank you so much! I would recommend this school to anyone looking for great instructors and learning!

Richa Sharma

Had a great experience taking G driving lessons with Nadeem. He’s very patient and helps clarify any doubts. Would recommend him to all those who want to take on G2 or G licenses.

Anil Kumar

Great learning experience with instructor Nadeem. He is so friendly and corrects our mistakes while teaching. Gives very useful tips and best practices for the exam ..

Ashley Kumar

I had such a delightful experience learning from Multi-Dimensions Driving School. They worked around my schedule, provided courteous and professional service and accommodated my preferences of pairing me with a female instructor. Iram was the most knowledgeable, friendly and helpful instructor I ever had the pleasure of working with. She was always on time, answered any and all questions I had and taught in a manner that sticks with you. I passed my G2 on my first attempt and will definitely work with her again for my G licence. Thank you so much Iram!

Daniyal Hassan

I had an amazing experience passing my G2 exam after taking learning classes from Mr Nadeem. He is a fantastic instructor, very experienced and knowledgeable about the traffic laws. He teaches very well and guides you about the challenging scenarios enabling you to drive safely. Every dollar spent on learning/ practicing with him was well spent!

Sabrina Advani

If you’re looking for the right instructor to accelerate the success of your driving dream, look no further than Nadeem! He knows exactly what is being tested and has fantastic people skills. He understands how new drivers maybe nervous on the road and puts you at ease by communicating where your strengths lie, and strategically planning your classes to ensure you’re set up for success! Thanks to Nadeem’s genuine assessment of my driving skills, I was able to clear the road test for G, directly after G1, on my first attempt and only after 3 classes (of 45 minutes each). Nadeem has my highest recommendation for anybody looking to clear their road test in record time in Ontario!

Nishan Singh Multani

Finally a G2 license holder!!! Thank you nadeem sir. One of the best driving school in the town

Sushil Paralkar

Would recommend Nadeem to anybody looking for professional driving instructor & for kids eager on their G2 & G guaranteed success

Punjabian Lhr

Thankyou for my Instructor Mrs Iram, I passed my G-test in the 1st attempt. She instructed me well and within few classes I was able to pass the test. She really cares for her students, point out the required improvements and work on it. She gave me great guidance in a professional and caring manner. She won’t keep you hanging just for the sake of extra classes unlike other instructors who ask for more classes to make more money. I highly recommend Multi-Dimensional Driving School and Mrs Iram. Thanks again Mrs Iram for helping me to achieve the G Lisence

Rakthai Holidayz (Rahul)

Thanks for Multi Dimensions driving school for teach me very well & i got my G2 then G license with a very short period, if any one looking for good service then must use this school for your driving lessons at Ontario.

Dana Amer

Tahir was an extraordinary teacher. I had a bit of driving anxiety at the beginning of the lessons and he helped me navigate through that while making sure i was ready for the test. He is patient, kind, and caring all while making sure your safety is prioritized and that you have the principles down as well as paying attention to practice and small details. This is a wonderful driving school and I would recommend it.

Emeka Otu

Mr. Nadeem is a very good driving instructor that ensures you will pass any road test at any driving centers, given that you apply all the knowledge that he taught you. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to go for a road test to use Mr. Nadeem as there driving instructor.

Amitoje Gill

Nadeem Sir is a great instructor! He was very understanding and patient. With his guidance, I was not only able to pass my G2 Test but also have become a confident driver.

Muhammad Nouman

Highly professional instructor; takes personal interest in ensuring rules and customs are well understood and become easy to follow.

Mohammad Zamad

Really good instructor, Tahir Mahmood, He's straight forward and teaches well and that helped me to pass on my first try.

Aditya Sangar

I took classes from Iram mam for my G2 license and I have cleared it in the first attempt. She is a great instructor and she guided me very well in few classes only. I highly recommend to take classes from her.

Anil Anand

My young son, first time driver, took lessons from Nadeem Ahmed of MDDRIVERS. He was referred by a friend whose son also took lessons. His approach to students especially for young student drivers was well appreciated by my son. The great virtue of Nadeem is patience who guided my son to pass his drive test in first attempt. Nadeem was encouraging all through lessons to do right and helped my son to overcome his nervousness. Nadeem makes best efforts to make his students succeed. I will recommend him without any hesitation.


One of the best driving schools in GTA. Make sure to check it out.

Satinder Saini

IRAM mam is very patient and she makes sure that the driver gets a complete understanding of the basics. She is not concerned about just making you pass the test but ensures that you become a good driver overall. I recommend Mam's guidance for anyone new to driving in Canada.


I came to Canada as a new PR and one of the most important documents to have is the driver's license. Although I had driving experience in my home country, adapting to the traffic rules and road conditions of Canada was challenging due to the cars being left hand driven. I was referred to Ansaf Syed (instructor) by a friend. Ansaf is brilliant in communicating to you all the complexities of driving and how to navigate the practical driving test so that you not only understand how to pass but become a safe and effective driver on the road as well. After passing my knowledge test (G1), I took lessons with Ansaf and gave my G test just two weeks after and passed on the 1st attempt. While I was dreading the prospect as almost everyone who takes the test does, the tips and skills Ansaf passed to me during my lessons were no doubt invaluable in my test success. He is an incredible asset to the school not to mention a wonderful human being. My recommedation for anyone preparing for their road test be it G2 or G is Ansaf Syed at this school is your go-to guy.

Nathaniel Duke

Iram is an amazing driving instructor, she helped me pass my g2 on the first try!

Sohan Paturkar

Passed my G in first attempt. Thank you to Nadeem for effective tips and giving me confidence. Great experience overall

Ahmad Rafique

Had a great experience with instructed. He helped me clear G in first attempt.

Laiba Raza

My instructor Iram was very helpful and made me feel like a confident driver. She has a great way of teaching and really cares about her students. Highly recommend!

Aditi Mehta

I passed my G2 today🙌 Nadeem is really good instructer. He doesn’t teach only how to drive but also teach you rules. Calm, professional, knowledgeable! 👍🏻 I will recommend to everyone. I will go to him for my G for sure. Update: I passed my G today. Thanks!

Anu Walia

Excellent knowledge and experienced instructor. Helped me overcome test anxiety and i passed my test in the first try. Thank you Nadeem Bhai🙏🏻

Mrinalini Mazumdar

I passed my G2 test in the first attempt. Its an unfathomable moment for me especially because I had zero experience zero road sense. All the credit rightfully goes to my driving instructor Mr. Ansaf. Sir is an exceptionally good instructor. He is extremely patient and well spoken : n that's exactly what is required apart from driving skills if you are teaching students who are taking control of the gear the first time. There was not a single day when he got upset or raised his voice at me ( which I have read reviews and looked like it is not a rare phenomenon). I took exactly 15 classes since I wanted to get a little more practice. I was almost certain I will pass in 2-3 attempts even with such a good instructor because I heard its normal to fail on G2 test the first time. Passing it in the first attempt was such a pleasant surprise. Hats off to this man. I recommend him to anyone who has road fear n wants to learn driving. Thank you Sir! 😊

Aravind Sundaresan

Well Experienced, humble and knowledgeable. Spot on Guidance about the testing nicks. Thanks much Nadeem Sir!!! Keep Rocking!!

Shruti Narendranath

A big THANK YOU to my instructor Nadeem for the endless support in helping me get my driving license - for giving me the confidence and for helping me overcome my anxiety on the road. He is extremely patient, very good listener, professional and a good motivator. He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good, sensible and a safe driver. HIGHLY recommend 👍


I had a great experience with MD Driving School. My instructor was very informative and kind. I was able to obtain my G2 in 8 months through driving lessons!

Maribel Flores

Nadeem is a Very patient instructors, deals with people with stress and anxiety , very calm , thank you for helping me to pass my G and also my daughter G2 ! Amazing school

Gunjan Khanna

Great learning experience! I cleared my G2 in the 1st attempt...

Udit Desai

I had amazing experience in regards to learning about the rules and regulations. I passed my G test on the first attempt with help of Mr Nadeem. I would for sure recommend Mr Nadeem for everyone who wants to get their licenses.

Fidausi Ladan

I completed 30 hours of online training, it was very informative. You should learn about the road before going on the road. The course makes it easier to understand the instructions once your in the car. I Had (IRAM) as my instructor. And she was nothing but amazing. Shes sweet caring and really knows what shes doing... after 10 classes with her. I'm just coming back from my G2 Test.... WHICH I PASSED ON THE FIRST TRY. Once you get the courses, be patient and listen to the instructors and practice practice n be confident. ASK FOR IRAM WHEN LOOKING FOR AN INSTRUCTOR...... THANK YOU IRAM. THANK YOU MULTI-DIMENSION. ......*PLUS* Take the course to save on insurance...

Raj M

Very supportive and demonstrates very well each and everything, and build confidence. Highly recommend.

Nujhat Nabeela

I had a great experience with my instructor, Iram ma'am. From the beginning she assessed my driving skills and offered me guidance accordingly. She is all about helping her students to get the best results, not just passing the test. She really cares about her students and super pleasant, positive energy. I actually had fun learning from her. Always on time and great with communications and considers your needs and preference. Even when I got nervous around my test time, she was encouraging, understanding, and offered helpful pro tips, that came handy during the actual test. Great experience, highly recommend! I did my test at Clinton.

Hurinatt Bandi

New SUV best training reasonable pricing available throughout GTA.Early booking of drive test in short period of time

Thalia Trim

I passed my G2 Road Test, great thanks to my amazing instructor Iram! I would highly recommend this driving school as they hire the most knowledgeable and passionate driving instructors. When I started taking lessons with Iram, I was very nervous; although I had driven with other schools in the past. Iram understood this and made me feel comfortable and confident in the skills I already had from my previous driving experience. She also gave great tips each lesson on how to improve my driving, keep safe and ultimately pass my G2 road test! I am so happy to finally be on the road and know that I will always remember what is needed to be a safe and happy driver. As Iram would always say, “relax, follow the rules and enjoy the ride.”

Hamna Tahir

Erum, the amazing instructor, is beyond amazing! I was so scared of driving but she built my confidence up from 0 to 100 in no time. She also booked my test and assured me I was ready. Amazingly, with her confidence in me I passed my G2 on the first try! Definitely recommend her to others!!!

Geet RK

It's been a great experience learning from Nadeem. His explanations to mistakes made by his student is very detailed, which helped me not just correct them but understand with clear reasoning. Nadeem's ability to accommodate class timings as per after work hours was very convenient, and his sense of commitment to the schedule he had given is commendable. Thank you for helping me pass my G test! Happy student and now a G-holder-Sunita

Adewole Adefila

MD Driving School is all you need to pass your G2 or G test once and for all. I had just one class with Mr. Nadeem and passed at first attempt. He is a fantastic instructor. I recommend them to any and everyone. Kudos!!!

Pratik Patel

Nadeem Bhai, Thank you. Today I pass my G2 driving test in the first attempt. All credit goes to your effective teaching and the way you demonstrated confidence within me. Even though I didn't have driving experience before, you trained me for my G2 exam in a short time and ensured that I do well. I would highly recommend Nadeem Bhai as driving instructor...

Dieudonné Chukwudi Nnaduogu

I am a Nigerian, honestly working with Mr Naadeen as my instructor exposed me to an amazing level of confidence that even though I had no past experience in driving but after completing the online course as well as 10 car lessons with the school. I worked with Mr Naadeen and saw myself getting my G2 at my first test trial. I'm looking forward to obtain my G with Multi-Dimensional Driving School. I give you 5 stars.

Kuunal Dawar

This will probably be one of the best reviews I’ve ever wrote. I had gotten a last minute appointment for G Road test leaving me very little time to get the lessons I needed. I was left with very little options until one of my friend refereed me to Nadeem, seeing the situation he decided to make extra efforts and teach me himself. He was very accommodating and able to catch all of my bad habits in just a few lessons. He is very understanding yet direct and thorough, he knows what he’s doing and will set you up for success. Thanks to Nadeem, I was able to trade in my international license directly for a G. I am very grateful for what Nadeem and Multi-Dimesnions Driving School has done for me and would highly recommend these guys to anyone that asks.

Preet Bhuleria

Highly recommend to everyone looking for driving lessons or practicing for G2/G license! Mr. Nadeem is amazing instructor, have patient, kind, and focus on the specific areas you need to work on.

Alexandra Vasquez

I had a great experience with my instructor Iram. I felt that I was well informed and was given straight forward instruction. I have passed my G2 and my G as a result. I would highly recommend!

Christopher Owoicho

Instructor was very thorough and always guides you to the very last detail while preparing.I got my G license first try!

Aasil Shanzil

Nadeem Uncle was really professional and calm. His techniques were really helpful. He was able to see where i lacked and put in extra efforts there. He was also very encouraging and i believe that helped me. I passed my test with his tips and techniques.

Harsh Mehta

Excellent guidance and training given. Passed G2 with just two lessons. Cars in excellent condition. Would recommend Nadeem sir to everyone

Harmeet Singh

Nadeem got the experience and he knows how to give solution for driving errors and to mould our driving habits according to the need for the Canadian driving and the test.

Maha Tariq

Awesome experience, really helped me build up my confidence. The various techniques were extremely useful and made it very easy for me to drive. Overall, great experience.

Sahib Singh Sanghera738

Nadeem sir is a great instructor with amazing skills.I cleared my G2 after taking his sessions.I would highly recommend Nadeem sir as a car instructor.

Uzma Tanveer

Sent my son fot training, very professional and good teacher

Jawaher Jafri

A big thank you to my instructor Iram Nadeem, I had a great experience with her. Her lessons were very informative, well-structured and provided easy-to-learn techniques. She offers great driving tips, scheduling flexibility, constructive feedback and instills the confidence one needs to pass your driving test! She is also very patient, understanding and friendly! I highly recommend her!

Karthick Manokaran

Nadeem is a versatile tutor who can guarantee you a definite pass in G2 and G driving tests . Thanks Nadeem . He helped me clear both the tests .


Iram is such a wonderful Instructor. She helped me get my G2 in 1 week only. Even when I was not sure about myself she motivated me and With her excellent Training I passed my first driving test in one GO 😇 , She is so sweet and caring

Anshu Gautam

Had an amazing experience with Nadeem sir . He was very informative and helpful and handled my pre test anxiety very calmly Totally recommend

Anaeme Chimobi Marcel

Nice place to learn and pass. Instructor is very experienced. Shows you the secrets you need to pass.

Harsh Bajaj

I had a fantastic experience with MD Driving School. Mr. Nadeem is a through professional, quickly understands your need and guides you accordingly. There is no unnecessary pressure to take extra classes which is quite prevalent in this industry. They take you to the test once you are ready to go. I would highly recommend anyone going for Driving tests to avail their service.

Farzana Kousar

Eram was my driving instructor, and she is an excellent teacher. She is very patient, very professional and honest with her teaching skills. I had a few sessions with her and she really helped me gain confidence. Erum is super friendly and very kind. I had a great experience with her. She assessed my driving abilities from the start and provided me with appropriate guidance. She is all about assisting her students in achieving the best possible results, not just passing the test. Erum and her excellent teaching skills helped me pass my G in Clinton. I strongly recommend her to others Please book your test with instructor Eram for the best results!

Fatima Syed

I apologise; I was reviewing it for my mother when I unintentionally clicked the fourth star.

Kala Chasma

I really want to thanks Nadeem Ahmed for helping me out in clearing my G Test License Test at Clinton. The best thing about Nadeem bhai is that he understands each driver skills and requirements very well. After just two classes of 45 minutes he just booked my test and gave me the confidence to clear my G Test. I will highly recommend him for the new drivers and he helped me a lot as a new driver. Thanks again Nadeem Bhai, God bless you !!!

Harikishan Patel

I passed my G2 exam test today Thank you to my instructor, Mrs. Iram. She was the best instructor. Every-time she was coming at the punctual time during my class sessions. Moreover her guidance and training helped me to pass my G2 test on the first attempt

Saima Anis

Erum was very patient and kind. She explained all the rules properly and always reminded me to stay confident and calm. Her tips helped me pass my G the first time. She is also a great person to chat with and is very caring.

Salma 2

Multi dimensions was a great experience to getting my g2! Iram was my instructor, and she was very patient with me as I got my lessons and was very informative and a very good instructor overall. Passed my g2 on the first attempt and would definitely recommend to sign up for the course if you are thinking about it.

Fatima Khan

Nadeem is a great instructor - very patient and explains instructions clearly. Would highly recommend.


This school is the best for passing any driving road test, instructor Nadeem Ahmed those the magic.

Fareen Daya

Nadeem Bhai is your man .. A friendly nature and full package of guidance If your looking for driving classes highly recommended... best in his work 👏 Nadeem bhai keep up the good work 🙏💯 Thank you so much !!!

Arjun Khosla

Excellent service! Got my direct G license in one shot. All rules and road test expectation explained clearly and professionally. Highly recommended!

Kumar Iyer

Nadeem - Thanks for your driving lesson for my G test. It was very helpful and timely considering I had to give my G in a day's time. Most importantly, I really want to thank you for finding the perfect drive test center for my G. I would definitely recommend Nadeem for anyone and everyone looking for driving instructor. Keep up the great work Nadeem !!!!

Ander Barillas

The best driving school I've attended. Very helpful and insightful educators who allow you to drive around as much as possible to get real world experience. I successfully passed my G2 test in Simcoe thanks to their efforts!

Sukhmeet Kaur

I am really thankful to multi-dimensions-driving-school, especially Iram, who pushed me to a point that I passed directly G drive test after G1, in first attempt. This lady trainer is actually an inspiration, who is so well trained and an extremely confident driver. She is very experienced and focused in her work. I absolutely loved her and I truly owe this one to her. Thanks a lot Iram for coming my way and making me feel so comfortable about driving in Canada.

Wania Ismail

Just passed my G2 driving test thanks to Iram Ma’am !! She gave me all the confidence I needed in order to pass and be able to now drive on my own! I 100% recommend Multi-dimensional driving school for all future drivers and will for sure be returning to prepare for my G test:)

S.M. B

A good teacher is one who knows weak points of his students n prepares them to face the same. Appreciate personal attention and preparation for the test. Worth every penny paid n more.

Kawal Singh

Overall experience was great. Went for G licence directly and cleared in first attempt all thanks to Nadeem sir.

Gaeil Odonovan

Excellent driving instructor passed G2 with only two lessons!

Dheeraj Traveller

Nadeem has been a wonderful instructor. As a new driver in Canada, I had to understand rules and regulations here clearly. With his effective and clear communications, he helped me understand the same within a short span of time. I got my G license in the first attempt with his help. If you are a newcomer or someone looking for driving lessons, Nadeem is your guy!!

Kamakshi Bagga

He's the best instructor in town. Really patient and reasonable rates too. After inquiring a lot of biggies driving schools, I found him and it was worth it.

Konal Sharda

Before contacting Nadeem Sir, I attempted to learn to drive in Canada with two different driving schools. With 1st school lessons, I got confused and 2nd school shattered my confidence. I was on the verge of giving up. However, Nadeem sir is a natural teacher who keeps you on track regardless of how many mistakes you make before the exam. No doubt he is the best for instructor to get your driving license. Thank you for helping me out with G license Nadeem Sir 🙏 . ( I Got my G in first attempt)

Anupam Chandan

Cleared G in first attempt. A big thank you to Nadeem Sir and MD during school. Sir covered all the rules on paper first and through practicals brought me up to the mark for the exam. He ensured that I am not repeating the same mistakes and made me practice on the weak points multiple times. To boost up my confidence did multiple mock driving tests similar to actual but acting as instructor and observed my driving, explained me in between the sessions and at the end which were my strong points and weak points. Always punctual and he made sure I was ready for the exam in the optimum number of lessons instead of other trainers who charge more by dragging the number of sessions. I will highly recommend whoever wants to get driving license should contact MD driving school only.

Nabila Arshad

My daughter and I did our driving lessons with them where Iram Ahmed was our extremely professional instructor She gave us alot of confidence and encouragement and trained us fast to get our G2 and G Licenses

Vishal Bains

With the wonderful driving lessons from TALHA SIR today i passed my G2 road test in the first attempt. He was very PROFESSIONAL and friendly. Highly recommended.❤️🤘🤘 Best driving school in the GTA with the very reasonable fee.

Dr.Parul Dham

Mr Nadeem knows his job very well. I had a tight schedule and wanted to clear my G test fast. He adjusted his timings accordingly and made me clear G in just few days. Best place if u want to clear driving test in first attempt 😄

Ashar M

Amazing Instructor, I was able to pass on my first try.

Shumail Khan

I received my G2 driving license tomorrow, which would have been difficult without the services provided by Multidimensional Driving School. I am grateful to instructor talha for taking me to the testing facility and giving me last-minute tips that really helped boost my confidence. I am also grateful to Nadeem sir for providing driving lessons and helping me schedule the test by providing me with adequate information. The instructors are very professional and supportive.

Gurnoor Singh

Loved their services and the way the train people. I recommend getting instructed by the school. They got strong business ethics and help you get your test passed in the best possible ways.

Jae Knight

There’s nothing better than seeing good things happen to good people. Today am just thrilled for my successful completion of my G2 drivers License. I'd like to give to special shout out to my Driving instructor Iram, she very patient, highly recommended if not the best. IRAM everyone knows you’re a winner, you’ve been a winner every step of the way to me throughout my lessons. Thank you again Multi-Dimensions Driving School.

Deepti Sant

Thank you so much Mr Nadeem for the excellent guidance in clearing the G test. I would highly recommend his and this school's professional services for acquiring the license.

Balázs Gombos

Great experience preparing my full-G licence with them. I definitely recommend them.

Jaideep Sarin

Nadeem has been an exceptional driving instructor to my wife. He guided her perfectly to help her overcome the anxiety of taking the G test. Right from the beginning, his approach was very positive and encouraging. The result was that she not only cleared the G test but did it under most adverse weather conditions amid a snow blizzard. His instructions give a new driver the ease and comfort to come through with the test in flying colors. Great work Brother!

Pooja Sarin

I owe my G License to Mr Nadeem's guidance and training. I had only one chance to clear the driving test for G, straight after my G1 license. Without Mr Nadeem's encouragement and training, I would have never managed to clear it. He, not only accompanied me to the test centre, but also constantly boosted my morale and confidence. I was extremely nervous and he helped me overcome my anxiety. He is an excellent teacher. Within a few minutes, he is able to ascertain his students' strengths and weaknesses and guides them accordingly. His years of professional experience and his thorough knowledge of Canadian rules are an added benefit since he shares everything with his students, allowing them to learn from his experiences. He will now be training my sons, both of whom are first-time learners. I wouldn't trust anyone else to teach them. Thank you, Mr Nadeem, for your patience, positivity and encouragement.

Inderjeet Athwal

He is a very experienced trainer and learning driving under his guidance is easy to grasp. I learnt very fast under Nadeem Sir, he is very calm. It has been a great experience. I am done with my test and feel confident enough to drive.

Deepak Illal

Nadeem is a good driving instructor and helped me clear my G in the 1st attempt. Would highly recommend his services.

Neeraj Choudhary

I cleared my direct G test in first attempt with Tahal instructor he boost my confidence with his guidance that makes driving easy.

Ranbir Mattu

I had a really good experience with Multi-Dimensions Driving School. He discussed all the professional rules and regulations regarding driving.


I had a great experience with Iram my driving instructor, she taught me how to parallel park and do a proper 3 point turn as well as parking. I just passed my g2 on my first attempt today!

Timothy Ojo

I had a great experience with Mr Nadeem. He is an expert. He is very friendly and learning from him is extremely enjoyable. His car is top notch too. You’re destined to succeed with him.

Saamia Noushad

This driving school is excellent and extremely good at preparing you for your road test. My instructor was Erum and she was very kind and patient, and also taught me how to drive in no time. I did ten lessons and passed my G2 Road test on my first try! All thanks to multi dimensions driving school and my instructor! If you’re looking for lessons that will prepare you quickly and perfectly, this is where you should go.

Keann Paraiso

Overall wonderful driving school that will get you fully prepared for your g2 test. My instructor, Mr. Talha, was very patient, kind, and driven. It was a pleasure to drive with him. He made me more than prepared for my g2 road test which I passed on the first try! Highly recommend this school if you're interested in learning how to drive. Multi-Dimensions Driving School does it the best.

Karan Bansal

Had a really great experience with this school. My instructor, Mr. Talha did not only prepare me for my G2 but also increased my confidence when it comes to driving. Definitely coming back to get my G license.

Sarit Sethi

I had a wonderful experience with MDD, passing my G test in first go. Nadeem was extremely professional spent alot of time talking me through rules, regulations and safe driving practices. Working with MDD will not only make sure you pass your driving exam it would also ensure you drive safe all kinds of driving conditions for yourself and others on the road. Highly recommend.

Oluwatayo Okorie

Great instructor and very knowledgeable! I passed on the first attempt too :)

Shehryar Khalid

Hey Guys and Girls out there.If you are looking for some professional with the best possible drive test teaching and training skills,dont waste your time anywhere else,just get in touch with Nadeem and his team and get your desired results in least possible time.Laurels to Nadeem and his team.

Rachna Account

It was incredible. In just two classes, I was able to obtain my G licence. Throughout the driving course and even over the phone, Nadeed provided helpful guidance. If you're looking for any kind of driving course, it is strongly advised.

Mittal Hurbada

Cleared direct G in first attempt. I took only 3 classes with Mr. Nadeem and cleared G. He is a fantastic instructor and I had an excellent experience learning to drive with him. He is patient, knowledgeable, always took the time to answer my questions and explain things in detail. With his guidance, I was able to build my skills and confidence, and I passed my driving test with ease. I would highly recommend Mr Nadeem to anyone looking for a supportive and knowledgeable driving instructor.

Manhar Charran

I had such a great experience with my instructor, Nadeem sir. He was very patient, approachable, easy-going, and a wonderful teacher. He takes the time to get to know his students and their personal strengths and weaknesses, and he easily applies this knowledge throughout the lessons to make you a strong driver. I passed on my first attempt, and he truly made me believe in myself as a confident driver. Thank you so much!

Surbhi Rishi

Passed my “G” exam today. A big thank you to my instructor Iram. She is very professional, patient and optimistic. She taught me effective driving strategies and made sure I felt safe on the road in different traffic conditions. Even though it wasn’t part of my exam, she taught me how to parallel park in just five minutes in a way that I hadn’t been taught in the past. My exam went smoothly as well. Iram really boosted my confidence. I highly recommend her. Thank you again Iram!

Gagandeep Kaur

Must contact Talha to pass your exam in first attempt. He is the best instructor who imparts knowledge in a very calm & patient manner and makes too much effort to ensure that his students pass their road tests. Thanks Talha for helping me to pass my G test….. Wonderful experience!!!!

Syed Rameez Khalid

Excellent service. Nadeem is very professional and a great instructor. I would highly recommend him.

Cricket Freak

Positive: Communication, Professionalism I was clueless on where to start and when to start.. and there came Nadeem!! He was courteous, amicable and approachable. Someone who would always listen to you and gets back with his soft and friendly responses. Nadeem bro built my confidence big time with his never give up attitude. He made me feel important and strongly believed in me. Communication with Nadeem bro is a breeze.. quick to respond over a text message or a phone call. Always on time to pick you up. And the car.. I was pleasantly surprised to drive such a good quality car, well maintained and extremely comfortable to drive. Overall, it’s the entire journey that matters. Nadeem bro made sure I got the best and here I am writing this review happily after getting my license. If you are someone who’s got no idea when it comes to any of your G licenses, my simple advise is please contact Multi-Dimensions Driving School. You’ll be in safe hands!

Fareen Daya

Nadeem Bhai is your man .. A friendly nature and full package of guidance If your looking for driving classes highly recommended... best in his work 👏 Nadeem bhai keep up the good work 🙏💯 Thank you so much !!! Updating... Finally got my G .... ALL THANKS TO NADEEM BHAI..... HONESTLY HIS YOUR MAN IF YOU FEEL YOU CANT ! HE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN... THE TECHNIQUES AND THE CONFIDENCE... HIS A FULL PACKAGE ! THANK YOU NADEEM BHAI KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 👍 😊

Leilani Pascua

First attempt I past my G test.. and thank you to my instructor IRAm..

Mohammad Alamaireh

I learned driving from the beginning. I got my G2 and full G from the first time very thankful for Nadem.


Very good experience. Instructor is very clear and explains everything very well. Highly recommend Multi-Dimensions driving school.

Banna Hassan

Syed was super helpful! We took lessons with him in Mississauga, he helped guide us on the road rules and effective tips on how to master the Canadian rules. I truly learned alot form Seyed and highly recommend him to anyone looking to pass their tests!

Kemi Aduloju

I just passed my G drive test! Talha my instructor was awesome. He really helped with good tips and he's so patient and kind when giving out instructions. I barely had any mistakes after the test. I would highly recommend him to anyone willing to pass their drive test on the first try. He's really a cool dude with a nice ride👌 Thank you so much Talha.

Minhal Mubeen

I can bet this is the best driving school in GTA. Took only 2 lessons and passed my G license test. The instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly and cooperative. I had a wonderful experience with Talha and I’m very satisfied in terms of over all experience, would recommend these guys to all my friends and family.

Danyal Shehryar

No doubt the best instructors one can ask for, highly recommended if planning to get the licence on your first try!! Had an amazing experience with Multidimensions Driving School

Prateek Tandon

Mr Nadeem was recommended to me by my sister. I am so glad that she did so as he is a patient and efficient personality who helped me getting my G license in the first go. He has a fine sense of judgement and is also transparent while suggesting number of classes required by an individual depending on his/her caliber. He is clear on the rules and can forsee your shortcomings. I would 100 perc recommended him for this job. Kudos!

Shipra Tandon

Mr Nadeem was really kind enough to teach me driving skills and get my G cleared in first attempt. It was easy to communicate with him as he was really polite and professional throughout my learning journey. He not only gave me classes but also booked test for me, took me to the center and get my test done. Highly recommended for one who really wants to clear concepts of the driving rules in few classes and get their test clear in first attempt.

Apoorv Chaturvedi

I got connected with Mr Nadeem through couple of friends who cleared G exam in 1 attempt. His lessons and way of teaching helps u a lot in preparation for drive test. He teaches small bits of important things which we ignore but are extremely useful in final drive test. I am lucky I joined his drive training school and secured by G license in first attempt.

Harish Kumar

Worth it. I would really highly recommend this. Nadeem sir is a really good instructor. I was ready for my G test in only 2 lessons and passed it. Thanks Nadeem Sir.

Muyiwa Adeniyi

If I could do more than 5 starts, I would. Passed my G2 and G, easy, thanks to MDDS

Ramachandran Amarnath

Passed my G test today with just 2 lessons. Mr. Nadeem a very friendly, confident and a professional instructor. Motivates you so much. Highly recommend! Thank you.

Amaar Abouelghar

I passed my G2 by the grace of Allah and the support of MD Drivers. Nadeem was professional, timely and helpful. He recognized my situation being an experienced driver. He recommended the best center based on my skill level and managed to find a test date based on my availability. The car was in great condition. I recommend MD drivers if you’re an experienced driver getting your license in Canada.

Mohammad Salman

Recently passed my driving test thanks to my Instructor Syed Ansaf ( a thorough professional). I was extremely lucky to have (Syed Ansaf ) as my instructor. All credit goes to his pleasing personality which has given me so much confidence that I passed my test in first attempt. During the coaching sessions he was so focused, patient and knowledgeable about everything regarding driving & tricks to park, etc that it cleared all my shortcomings / doubts and hesitation. I would definitely suggest aspiring drivers to take lessons from Syed Ansaf which will help them to come out successfully from their driving test.

Deepak Sajotra

My experience with Nadeem Sir was outstanding as he is a genuine instructor , guide and friend. I followed his lead and cleared my G drive test in one go. Thank you again Nadeem Sir.

Gurshahbaj Brar

I have fantastic experience from driving classes to driving tests. Everything goes great.

Zeeshan Nasir

Mr Nadeem is a very professional and experienced driving instructor.

Mil Bah

Thanks to my instructor Ansaf, I passed my G2 and G both in first attempts. Bear in mind I was a new learner when I started taking driving classes with him, highly highly recommended!!

Keys Dixon

Thanks to my Instructor Mr Ansaf I passed my G2 today, and I’m very grateful that I got the proper training and practice from Mr Ansaf to pass my g2 test. And I highly recommend Mr Ansaf for some practice lessons If you new to driving.

Gautham Menon

I had a great experience with Mr Nadeem. His approach in explaining the rules and tips in traffic observation makes you feel at ease when sitting in the drivers seat. I would highly recommend his services to new drivers.

Juzer Balapurwala

Mr Nadeem is a great, knowledgeable and supportive driving instructor. Cleared G2 in first attempt with just a few classes only, thanks to his professional and extremely patient approach. Would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to take driving lessons!

Steve Julius

Cleared my G2 test on my first attempt, all thanks to my instructor Nadeem who was amazing throughout the driving course. He is highly skilled and also very patient. Overall, had a great experience.

Asif Mak

Very good and smooth driver with a positive attitude.

Nikith Shetty

All i needed was to pass G2 in first attempt and instructor Ansaf was really helpful and taught all the aspects to clear the test! Awesome experience!

Komal Preet

I have excellent experience and I passed my G2 in first attempt. Moreover, instructor is very cooperative and the way of his teaching is very good. I will recommend to my friends about this driving school.

Abirameshwari A.s

Passed my G test! All thanks to instructor Iram! Very professional and cordial instructor you can find. Highly recommend!

Maryam Munir

Sir Nadeem is an excellent instructor, had a great experience with him. I was able to comfortably pass my driving test after just two sessions with him. Highly recommended!

Heer Khubchandani

Cleared my G2 test, a big thanks to Iram ji for training me well.

Uswa Butt

I passes in the first attempt! Well planned visit hassle free. Highly recommend!

Sana Atif

I usually don't write reviews but my interaction with Multi-Dimensions Driving School is worth a share. As a new driver in canada who has been introduced to left hand drive for the very first time, getting G2 licence in first attempt is a big deal. All my gratitude and praises go to my instructor Ansaf for training me. He was extremely patient, polite, punctual and knowledgeable, gave me pointers and tricks to tackle the road test. I was ready for my road test in just 4 classes. I highly recommend Ansaf to all those who are struggling with left hand drive, parallel parking and reverse parking or those who are unable to crack the drive test after many failed attempts. He truly is a gem of a person. Thanks a lot Ansaf and Multi-Dimensions Driving School. Edit: Had my G test recently and Mr. Ansaf helped to clear it yet again in first attempt. Thanks so much for being the wonderful teacher that you are.

Kulsoom Farid

I truly appreciate and recommend the service!!!!!!!!! I have very good experience with the Eram and she was very polite and I understand very easily the rules of driving. Thank you Eram

Madhurima De

Iram has helped me a lot and i passed my G in one try😊

Gungun K

Took my classes from Talha , he’s really helpful and calm while teaching . You should try them , they’re really good.

Maxine Laird

Nadeem my instructor was very patient and motivating .He’s very knowledgeable and gives attention to details.

Aliyan Tariq

I recently had the privilege of learning to drive under the training of Nadeem Sir, and I cannot emphasize enough how exceptional the experience was, as I was able to clear my G2 on my very first try. From the very start, Nadeem Sir believed in me and was extremely patient, while also possessing an unparalleled amount of knowledge when it came to driving, allowing me to understand various techniques and build up my confidence. Thank you once again.

Jasvir Singh

Fantastic experience. Minimum lessons,Maximum success rate 👌

Asad Mansoor

I had a great time taking driving lessons to prepare for my G test. I passed it on my first try. The instructions were clear and informative. I would highly recommend to anyone preparing for their G2 or G test.

Manpreet Singh

I had a great experience as instructor thought me very well about all rules which i have to follow while driving and i had learnt a lot of things from him. Acc to me he is a one of best instructor.

D 79

Good show me what i needed to do and pass first try


Made driving super fun! and relaxing as I used to be nervous before but I was given confidence to drive as a beginner on roads that even veteran drivers would find challenging. Amazing teacher!

N Phipps

My son went with this great driving instructor and passed first try!

Chris Olah

The tutoring session was done with patience and a lot of helpful tips and advice. I had a great time learning and practicing the rules and now I am a successful driver with a G license. I strongly recommend anyone trying to get the G license to use them.

Sartaj Preet Singh

I have a great experience with multi dimensions driving school as they had explained me every rule in significant manner and i am totally satisfied with their teaching manner as well as i am going to recommend my friends to get driving classes from here.

Gurpreet Kaur

great instructor! She’s very patient, and has great attention to detail. I was feeling anxious and nervous about the test, but she made me feel confident. She pointed exactly what I needed to improve. I had a great experience and highly recommend her service.

Shashwat Chadha

Got G directly from G1 and that too, just in 4 days with just 1 class only. Much thanks to Nadeem. Highly recommended!

Asmita Chandra

I had Iram as my driving instructor she was very good, became comfortable driving after about 8 lessons took 13 lesson total for safe measure and passed my test first try!!!

Dua Ahmed

Highly recommend this driving school really good instructors and passed first try

Musa Bello

I had a very good experience with Multi-Dimensions Driving School. The lead instructor is very experienced and extremely skilled at his job. Got both my G2 and G at one try between 3 days apart.


My daughter and I did our driving lessons with them where Iram Ahmed was our extremely professional instructor She gave us alot of confidence and encouragement and trained us fast to get our G2 and G Licenses

Sumit Choudhary

Exceptional driver school experience with instructor Nadeem Sir! His expertise, tailored lessons, and the best part - giving proper time, not only made me comfortable behind the wheel but also confident to progress from a G1 to a direct G licence. Highly recommend!

Abdul Majid

Going through the experience of getting complete G driving license from G1 and that too within a time span of 10 days, I can confidently say that Sir Nadeem (driving instructor) just made it look/happen so easily. From acing G1 written exam to G driving test in first attempt, he provided me with complete guidance. He got exceptionally amazing instructions skills, that you'll get the license so easily without even realizing that how much challenging a driving test it was. Kudos to him.

No Name No Face

This is the best driving school. I pass my G2 and G in one go. I highly recommend this place. I am more than satisfied with their service.

Sineen Ejaz

Sir Nadeem, my driving instructor, was exceptional in helping me pass my G2 test on my first attempt. His teaching was clear, personalized, and safety-focused, boosting my confidence and instilling responsible driving habits. With Sir Nadeem's guidance, passing the test was a breeze. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a skilled and dedicated driving instructor. Thanks to his expertise and commitment, I'm now a confident and responsible driver.

Meenal Poladia

Mr. Ansaf is an exceptional driving instructor who helped me to pass my G2 and G in first attempt even as a new driver. He is very calm, knowledgeable and encouraging which helped me learn the rules of roads and essential skills required for safe driving. He always encouraged asking questions and clarified them whenever I had any. He also provided me constructive feedback and thorough guidance, helping me master various driving skills. His emphasis on defensive driving techniques instilled in me a sense of responsibility and preparedness for any situation on the road. I would like to thank Mr. Ansaf in helping me pass both my G2 and G tests and would recommend him to anyone seeking a dedicated and expert driving instructor.

Rakhee Sukalingum

The best driving school I start with no experience and today I have my G thank u alotsssss

Lippi Gulati

It was an amazing experience learning to drive. Mr. Nadeem made it so easy with all his patience & exceptional tips & tricks. I will 100% recommend anyone seeking for a perfect driving school.

Tanvi Gupta

I had a very good experience, special thanks to Nadeem sir for helping me out with both G2 and G licence.

Umar Khan

Cleared my G exam thanks to the expert insights of Mr. Nadeem. He is a fantastic instructor and I had an excellent experience learning to adapt my driving according to the Canadian roads. He is patient, knowledgeable and explained the rules to my understanding and contextualizing properly. His guidance gave me the confidence and to clear the test with ease. I would highly recommend Mr Nadeem to anyone looking for a supportive and knowledgeable driving instructor, no matter what your experience is.


I had an excellent experience with this driving school, as it helped me pass my G2 test with ease. All credit goes to my driving instructor, Mr. Nadeem, who offered customized and effective driving lessons. His guidance and teaching style helped me learn how to drive a car safely and confidently while following traffic laws. Overall, I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone looking for a reliable and professional driving education.

Gohar Azam

I am really grateful to Multi- Dimensions Driving school that I got my G Liscense today. All credit goes to my instructor Sir Nadeem who trained me incredibly, enhanced my skillset and gave me the confidence to get the G liscense on my first attempt. I would highly recommend everyone to contact Multi - Dimensions driving School who so ever wants to get training for their G2 and G Liscense.

Sonam M

I had good experience with Nadeem sir. He is very patient, knowledgeable and explains all the rules clearly. He gives lots of tips that comes handy when you are giving actual test. Thank you for your Motivation sir.

Preema Rego

Awesome experience!Mr. Nadeem is an Excellent instructor.

Devaanshi Tiruchirapally

My instructor was very patient and helpful with my learning. I learnt how to drive in under 10 lessons and passed on first try!

Kuldeep Shrikoti

I didn't had any previous experience in driving but the school helped me to get my driving license at one go 👍

Deepika Arora

Passed my G2 test in my first attempt just because of multi dimensions driving school. So, thanks for your great training.

Kamal San

Amazing, encouraging instructor, goes above and beyond to ensure we drive safe and comfortable by giving detailed guidelines.Very professional and knowledgeable instructor! Making students better driver with detailed guidance.Iram is very calm and extremely proficient teacher to learn from.the best driving school,I have taken different driving school,I can't able to pass test for 5 times in orangeville but I took only 5 classes from Iram and passed my G licence from brampton.Did recommended many of my friends and family. Everybody praised the teaching skills.

Talha Shamsher

As a new immigrant I was unaware of driving rules and behaviour of Ontario. Mr Nadeem’s classes not only helped me in gaining confidence in driving in Canada but also his customised approach of teaching for G2 and G test helped me pass both of the test. Mr Nadeem approach to each student is very effective with proper guidance and confidence boost. He is ministry certified instructor and he is well aware of all the test locations with in Ontario which helped students choosing the right location for their tests.

Kamboj Karan

Very convenient. Describe each and every thing very clearly. I took only 2 lessons and they prepared me very well. if you really want to pass the test book now classes with multi- dimensions driving school.

Shivninder Gill

Multi dimension driving school provided me best coaching and i have cleared my G exam in first attempt

Geesaks Ayo

This is the best driving instructor I have ever met. He knows the key things to make you pass, once you follow them you’re getting a straight pass. He is highly highly recommended because I passed with my first try on G2 using him

Amreet Boora

I had a great experience with MD Driving School! With all the helpful tips and knowledge I gained I was able to pass my G2 test on the first try. I highly recommend them!

Nadeem Jee

Thanks to our brother Nadeem Ahmed who helped a lot

Vidah Farhadi

I had a great experience with Multi dimension driving school. Iram was my instructor who was patient and taught me really well. I passed my G2 test after only 5 lessons in my first attempt. She is a great instructor and I would recommend the school and Iram for anyone looking to prepare for their G2 test.

Arsal K

Amazing experience with Nadeem he helped me in every way possible and made me confident in my driving abilities.Thank you

Dieudonné Chukwudi Nnaduogu

I am a Nigerian, honestly working with Mr Naadeen as my instructor exposed me to an amazing level of confidence that even though I had no past experience in driving but after completing the online course as well as 10 car lessons with the school. I worked with Mr Naadeen and saw myself getting my G2 at my first test trial. I'm looking forward to obtain my G with Multi-Dimensional Driving School. I give you 5 stars. Yay!!!! Today 20th December 2023 I past my G test with MD- Driving school. Thank you Mr Naadeen you are a truly an experienced driver with an amazing teaching skills. I am a G license holder.

Diego Costa

Nadeem was a great instructor! Made me very confident on the road

Michael Odigie

Very brilliant instructor,got my G2 and G withing the space of 1month based on his tutoring along with my experience from back home,I will definitely recommend him to anyone

Zainab Saifi

Extremely helpful and I passed both my G2 and G on the first try!


Mr. Nadeem was very supportive and helped me develop confidence to safely drive far distances after just the second lesson! Thanks to him I easily passed my G2 on the first try! I feel very confident on the road and know that I have learned more than enough to be an amazing driver. Even my mom is shocked at how good I am! I am glad I went to Multi-Dimensions Driving School. Mr. Nadeem is an excellent instructor

Júlia Gombos

Very good, I felt safe while driving and passed my test at the first try

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