Kanav Behal

The drivers of the school are amazing! They were calm and built my confidence in driving. They do not follow a fixed pattern rather teach on the way you already know! I will definitely recommend to everyone in GTA and around.

Atam Parkash Singh

Amazing professional instructor, I will recommend Multi-dimensional driving school not only to smoothly pass the test but also to gain full confidence while driving.Passed my G in first go ,within 20 days of landing in Canada.

Jannat Sharma

My instructor IRAM was very patient with me and gave the confidence to pass the test; as I was a very nervous novice driver. Having a good instructor is really important and I learnt it after switching through multiple incompetent ones. Thank you Iram :)

Aarohi Nagdive

What an amazing driving experience with Nadeem Sir. He is one of the best instructor I have come across so far. With his constant guidance and scrutinizing skills of even smallest mistake makes you flawless for the test. Thanks again for your wonderful guidance n for being patient throughout.

Hardeep Kaur

Hey guys! My driving instructor was Nadeem ji he's a phenomenal and amazing teacher. He taught me all the skills and tips I need to perfect my driving. He teaches in a way that is very comforting and easy to get my G1 and G license. he's very kind, patient, and professional. Most of all he is very punctual, never late! he will take her time to teach all the things you need to know and help you with your weaknesses, he is very encouraging and ensures that you are comfortable. he is very down to earth and I enjoyed having conversations with him. he is the best driving instructor ever! make sure you get him as your instructor, you will not regret it. Thanks

Himanshu Boora

Strongly recommend this driving school. Most affordable prizes. Such a nice behavior of instructor. If someone looking for classes, surely give them a chance. I cleared first time with them in 1 class. Thank you sir. Strongly recommended Good behavior Excellent skills.


I was very fortunate to get in touch with Mr.Nadeem for my G test. Just one phone call and couple of SMS, he evaluated my driving for an hour and knew exactly what was needed for me to get through the test. His teaching is not just for the test purpose but will come a long way in our driving span. I have already recommended to my friends and will continue to do so. Perfect school for people getting behind the wheels first time in Canada. Thank you Sir

Aman Singh

Multi-Dimensions Driving School is the best. Nadeem is an excellent instructor and made sure that I was comfortable driving on the roads in preparation for my G road test. I would highly recommend Nadeem as a driving instructor. Each driving lesson was a great experience and He was very cooperative, understanding and the number one instructor. Due to his confidence on me and his wonderful teaching I was able to pass my G test at first attempt. I must say "if Nadeem says you can do it then you will do it".

Syed Imran Arif

Nadeem is an excellently professional, honest, selfless, devoted and caring instructor. He has an extraordinary instructional ability to groom your driving skills. I would recommend all to get his services for learning driving skills.

Tasneem Rasulbhai

Good teaching method. Highly recommended to take driving lessons, has a lot of patience and taught me the skills to become a safe driver.

Aditi Rathod

Nadeem is approachable and patient. Both these qualities are extremely important in a driving instructor. I passed my G2 after taking lessons from Nadeem and I highly recommend his services.

Nishant Nagar

Very thoughtful and specific program that catered to my needs for physical fitness. Anna understood my fitness goals and the constraints I had due to previous injuries and created a customized program for me. Highly recommended !

Wania Anis

I took two G lessons from Erum and she was great. She showed up on time and gave me helpful tips which helped me pass my road test. She explained everything very well and in detail. She also made sure to wear her mask and sanitize which made me feel comfortable.

Harpreet Kaur

I recently got my G license in my first attempt. It all happened because of Multi dimensions driving school instructor Mr Nadeem. Thank you so much for your help and endless support in getting my licence Nadeem Sir. With your guidance and patience you taught me the skills to become a safe driver. Thank you for giving me the confidence to drive. I highly recommend this school to all of you.

Solomon Wheeler

Nadeem is very professional and thorough, doesn't waste time but makes sure that you get the results with the least number of classes . He is your go to guy if you are you don't want to waste time and money.

Sara Husain

Nadeem is a professional individual and gives confidence to students and prepares them with all the necessary strategies to drive for life. He focusses on finer details and helps gives the best 45 minutes lessons. I highly recommend him as one of the best driving instructors.

Aditi Mehta

I passed my G2 today!. Nadeem is really good instructer. He doesn't teach only how to drive but also teach you rules. Calm, professional, knowledgeable! I will recommend to everyone. I will go to him for my G for sure.


Highly reccomend, Iram was my instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with me with her help I was able to get my G2! Thanks again.

Mehreen Rizwan

I had an amazing experience with them. I was not sure if I should take the G directly or clear G2 first and then attempt G. Mr. Nadeem was very clear from the get go and had given me the clear direction on what needs to be done. He analyzed how quickly i was picking up instructions and how confident i was once on the road. He was very encouraging and let me practice till i was satisfied with my prep for the tests. He also helped me book my both tests. Apart from that, i had insightful discussions with him on insurance and pros and cons of getting cars on lease/finance. It had been a smooth sailing for me. I highly recommend them.

Furquan Azam Khan

Dealt with couple of bad instructors before came across Nadim. Best service you could get and he really knows his stuff. Passed my G2 at first attempt.


One of the Best Instructors and Driving school in the city. The Instructor Iram mam, was very knowledgeable, calm and knows the perfect way of teaching and getting her students pass the exam. I cleared my G exam in first attempt because of the driving lessons. Thank you Iram mam and Driving school for the all the assistance. Highly recommended !!!

Swati Bhargava

Nadeem sir is the best trainer I have met and I feel lucky. he helped in getting my G license directly after G1.He is very honest and professional.

Rosie Jimenez

Iram and Nadin are amazing driving instructors! I've been driving for several years now and they both have taught me various things that I *never* in my live have ever known. They helped me get ready for my driving test and pass with flying colours! Thank you so much!

Puneet Sohi

Multi-dimensions driving school is the best. Thanks to them, I was able to clear my test and can drive great now. Nadeem and Iram managed to teach me in a real short span of time. I appreciate their understanding attitude towards their students.

Waseef Ur Rehman Warraich

I must say excellent services and brother nadeem the best man in town for driving learning in all aspects especially skillwise, morally , professionally , friendly n most of all honestly! I got my direct G because of this man! Thank you brother.

Mujtaba Khan

Mr Nadeem and Mrs Nadeem are truly professional instructors both technically and on personal level, very confident people which bring confidence, professionalism and techniques to the learners. We highly recommend them for people of all ages to get Canadian driving licenses of all the categories.

Nehal Shah

Best instructors. Nadeem Sir teaches with patience and is very professional. New drivers should definitely enrol here.

Chico Moss

Best driving instructor. They are every Professional and they take their time to teach you the right Steps for you to pass. As a student if you pay attention and you do what you're told you will pass. Thank you.

Zainab Adeel

Awesome instructor and amazing services!! Cleared my G2 in one attempt. Highly recommended.

Farah Parveez

Mr. Nadeem is a very good instructor who explained all the rules and helped me acquire all the road safety habits in my driving. He is very motivating which helps you gain the necessary confidence to clear the road test.

Aysha Irfan

Great school & instructors, helped me pass on my first try.

Ikram Patel

As Newcomers to Canada, it was imperative to get a driving licence for both myself and my wife. After doing our research and speaking to many driving schools, we finalised on Multi-dimension driving school. Mr. Nadeem was thoroughly professional as well as very supportive throughout our journey. He was proactive in guiding us on all the aspects which are required to be known in order to secure a driving license. My advice would be to stop searching elsewhere and take the leap of faith, with Mr. Nadeem guiding you accurately. You'll experience the difference in your first meeting with him itself.

Sunny Gandhi

I passed my G test on the first try. Nadeem helped me to pass my G test. He is kind and focuses on key concepts of safety measures. He is a great instructor. Thanks, Nadeem.

Syed Ansaf Javed

Mr. Nadeem is an experienced and excellent trainer. I would highly recommend him.

Hannan B

Nadeem helped me to get a G license Nadeem shared critical information for the center where drive test- like instructors at the center, test route, common mistakes, etc. This information helped me to clear the exam. Definitely recommend him to clear your driving exams.

Prajit Dasani

Cleared Direct G with the help of Mr.Nadeem. Great service!

Taha Motiwala

Ms.Iram was very kind, helpful, and informative and helped me pass my G2 road test.

Emam Imam

I really like how precise they are on booking a date for a road test and giving the lesson, before them I failed 3 times for my G test, but once I met them they gave me one lesson and I passed my G road test. I highly recommend them for lessons and booking your test as well.

Kshitij Goswami

Very nice way of teaching and precise guidance !!! Amazing experience...

Kamakshi Bagga

He's the best instructor in town. Really patient and reasonable rates too. After inquiring about a lot of biggies driving schools, I found him and it was worth it.

Ayesha Ashfaq

I had an amazing experience with them, I got my G2 on the first attempt, they are very professional and gave me confidence and encouragement throughout my lessons, I will highly recommend them.

Asma Arif

Mr. Nadeem is a very professional and experienced instructor. I got My G2 and G on my first try. I strongly recommend him.

Iman Andrea

I’ve had two other driving instructors before I was referred to Nadeem at MD Driving School. I was frustrated with the style of teaching at the other school because they didn’t take the time to explain things or help you understand how to improve in a way that was helpful. Nadeem was a great teacher with a good attitude and really took the time to explain the concepts to me. That was invaluable. He was professional and gave me confidence in my abilities which helped me pass my G2 on the first try. I’d recommend him and his school to anyone.

Ranjana N

Iram is one of the best instructors, very polite, friendly, helpful, and a great human being. She is the best instructor one can hope for.

Akshita Narad

The instructors are very patient, understanding, and invested in student growth. I recommend every 1 looking to learn driving to contact them.

Tariq Malik

An excellent experience. Very friendly instructors. Brilliant teaching methodology. Got my G through their driving classes where they clearly teach all the rules that need to be followed. Highly recommend it.

Swati Ghai

It was a great experience to learn driving from Mr. Nadeem, he is highly knowledgeable and has great observation, he explains all the rules with details and reasons, which makes learning easy and smooth and makes you a confident driver, I am glad my sister recommended him to me. A big thanks to him for being patient and polite while helping me learn... I highly recommend him👍👍👍

Raman Bajwa

One of the best schools available here and most important is that they guide you in a way that you forgot about a word named ( failure).

Raman Grewal

Nadeem Ji is an amazing instructor who made sure that I get my license. He gives so much information regarding the rules and yields sign info. I highly recommend him.

Saifullah Khan

Mr. Nadeem is an amazing individual, instructor, teacher. He ensures the student understand clearly and feels comfortable. He is very professional and makes sure you feel an improvement within every class. He made himself very clear throughout and explains everything in detail. Thank you once again and highly recommended.

Aftab Bakerywala

I took G lessons from Nadeem and he is very reliable. He showed up on time and gave me helpful tips which helped me pass my road test. He is very professional and thorough, doesn’t waste time but makes sure that you get the results with the least number of classes. He explained everything very well and in detail. He also made sure to wear her mask and sanitize which made me feel comfortable. He is your go-to guy if you are you don’t want to waste time and money.

Abhijeet Garge

This is the best driving school you'll ever get. I had Nadeem as my instructor. He is THE BEST Instructor. He is very calm, patient, responsive, punctual, and has a joyful attitude (very important). He is very clear in his instructions and does not confuse you while driving. He teaches extremely well, not just for clearing the road test but also to be able to drive confidently. I took his lessons for Full G (direct from G1) and cleared in first attempt.


Thanks to Mr. Nadeem for his guidance, I’m able to clear my G test only after two classes. He is extremely professional and clear with his instructions. He has trained me for specific points which examiner is looking for and I appreciate his relaxed approach towards teaching and he never becomes that scary teacher voice in my head. He was more of a supportive teacher to give me the confidence to do well in the G-test. Highly recommended!

Vrinda Chouksey

Nadeem is the best Driving Instructor I have ever met and trust me I have had many classes from a few. He not only trained on driving techniques but also did motivated me and helped overcome the driving anxiety. Very professional, very punctual with a reasonable fee. I highly recommend Multi Dimension Driving School. Already referred them to my family and friends. Keep up the good job!!

Neeraj Yadav

My G road test was scheduled for Monday this week. I contacted Talha from Messenger and we scheduled a G class session for Saturday last week. He looked at my driving, corrected my mistakes, and provided the tips to clear the G road test. His advice was practical and he also told me all the reasons why people fail the test. I remembered all his advice and cleared the road test in the first attempt without a single mistake. His advice was better than my G2 instructor. Choose Talha without any doubt.

Aakash Mehta

Thanks to Nadeem Sir, got a G license Wonderful instructor, highly recommended Won’t say much, but try it and you’ll remember him for all the tips and lessons he gave which would not only be useful in tests but also on day to day basis

Param Bajwa

I highly recommend, he is a really very good instructor. So freindly, Although it was my first time driving car and I took just 5 classes and passed my G2 driving test easily.

Nadira Jayyy

Very helpful and honest. Made it easy for me to learn. Definitely would do it again.

Yara Al Dahleh

The instructor I had was very nice, patient, and professional. I only had 3 lessons with Iram to make sure I knew all of the rules before my G2 test, as I already knew how to drive, and she was very professional and patient with me because I was a very nervous driver. Even though I constantly made the same mistakes, she was not annoyed with me and helped me realize my mistake no matter how many times I did them. I passed my G2 on my first try! Thank you so much, Iram for helping me.

Yousuf Adil

Alhamdulillah, I got my G today in the first attempt by the Grace of Allah, and after Him, the only reason behind that is my nice instructor Erum. I could never be able to pass it because of my lack of confidence in driving on hwy but she didn't only guide me about how to drive safely but also lifted up my confidence to that level that I was not at all in stress on the test day. She is so nice, friendly, humble, and soft-spoken that you will love her way of teaching I bet it!!! The best instructor in town....thanks so much Erum for stuffing me up with all the encouragement, boost, and confidence!!! I highly recommended.

Kishore Kumar

Nadeem was my instructor and he is such a great Instructor I have seen. He has evaluated my driving skills in just one class and taught me what is needed. He is an excellent teacher, evaluator, and the best Instructor. He also taught me some general guidelines to follow while driving which makes great sense. I strongly recommend it if you are interested in getting a license to drive here.

Zubia T

Mr. Nadeem, is a great instructor he really helped me learn how to drive. He is very patient and calm, when you make a mistake he corrects you nicely and he always motivates you. Got my g2 yesterday on the first try thanks to him! I recommend this for anyone wanting to get their g2 or G.

Sakhi Ullah Fazal

Best instructor, Sir Nadeem, Know how to teach and what to teach, I strongly recommend him

Bharti Sohpaul

My instructor was Nadeem Ji. I cleared my G drive road test because of him. He is so motivating and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him. He is calm, patient, and professional. Always on time and he got all the tricks for your test.

Harmanjit Kaur

I am very happy to get my G2 on the first attempt. I learn the rules and regulations, car safety, road safety, very advanced driving skill, I was a very beginner driver but the way Mr. Nadeem taught me it is an amazing job that's why I got my G2 on the first attempt. Thanks to Mr. Nadeem and Multi- dimensions driving school. I really recommend Mr. Nadeem to everyone.

Raj Sajja

Nadeem is a great person and friendly. More over he builds so much confidence for the road test. Thank you, Nadeem for all your guidance

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